Blind Options Explained

Sheer/ Sunscreen

Also known as a sunscreen this blind material blocks up to 95% of harmful UV light while controlling heat and glare.  The construction of this blind has small holes in it which gives a soft look to your image during the day which

becomes sharper at night. The feature of these blinds are they allow you to maintain your outside view while providing privacy during the day. NB At night with the interior lights on these blinds do not provide full privacy.

Translucent/ Light Filtering

A tightly woven material with no holes providing excellent heat and UV control. Perfect for providing full privacy day and night while filtering light into your room. NB: The darker the image used the less light filters through. We use this quality Translucent material as it heavier and thicker than most

blinds on the market which ensures you get a neat and straight hanging edge finish. Ideal for kitchens and living areas.

Blockout/ Blackout

Our blackout material has a unique textile look and feel- less stiff and plastic looking than traditional blackout fabrics. It completely blocks out light with no “glowing effect” even in direct sunlight making it ideal for bedrooms and theatre rooms. Mould and mildew resistant and easy to clean this blind can also be used in bathrooms.

Printed Blind Options