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High-Impact Visual Advertising: 10 Reasons to Maximise your Advertising Space with Custom Blinds

Updated: Jun 14

High-Impact Visual Advertising: 10 Reasons to Maximise your Advertising Space with Custom Blinds 

1. You’ll get all the benefits of regular blinds, including: 

  • reduced glare 

  • heat and light control 

  • energy savings 

  • increased privacy  

  • UV protection 

2. Endless design possibilities 

You can print literally any image, whether it’s a photograph, artwork, text, logo or a combination. We can also colour match. 

3. Cost savings compared to renting a billboard 

Printed Roller blinds can be the size of billboards but a fraction of the cost and of course much easier to install. 

4. Different fabric base options: blackout, translucent, or screen 

Three fabric bases are available to suit all environments 

5. Made with high-quality inks so your design stays bright even in harsh sunlight. 

We released our product to the market after 2 years of testing and development. Quality inks, fabrics and components are used in all products to give your blinds the longest lifespan possible. Our products have been in the market with happy customers for over 7 years now. 

6. Put one image on multiple blinds 

Apply one image across multiple blind for maximum impact. Just contact us to let us know your specific needs. 

7. PBA delivers to your door within 3 weeks 

All design, printing and manufacturing is done in - house. This ensure the highest of quality control and shortest lead time possible. 

8. We offer installation or supply only 

If your business is located in the Sydney metro area, we are happy to install your PBA custom blinds for you. We can also install them in many other major cities throughout Australia. Contact us to see whether we have this service in your area.  

9. Use for either short-term or permanent ad campaigns 

Our blinds are easily changed over and are ideal for seasonal campaigns or promotions. 

10. Safe, antibacterial, fire retardant, Low VOC materials 

All blinds are supplied with approved Child Safety chain tensioners. Fabrics are fire retardant and have a anti mould/anti-bacterial treatment applied.  

Printed Blinds Australia -  Advertising that just makes sense. Versatile, Cost Effective, High-impact visual advertising in the form of custom-made window blinds! Place your order online, in person, or over the phone; or contact us today to learn more about how we can help your business. 


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