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Colour Your World

Updated: Jun 14

Colour Your World 

Are there spaces in your home or office that are looking a little bland? A stylish focal point might be just what they need. 

What Is a Focal Point? 

A focal point in home design is the first and most prominent feature that draws your eye when you walk into a room. A focal point is what makes the room unique and eye-catching, and it gives your eye a place to rest when you’re looking at the space. 

Every Space Needs a Focal Point! 

It could be a fireplace, a window with a view, a large plant, an architectural feature such as a large doorway, a big piece of furniture like a couch or dining table, or a standout piece of wall art. If it’s a bathroom, the focal point is likely the bathtub or shower. In your kitchen, it might be a tile backsplash or the vent hood above your stove. In many living rooms, the focal point is a large television. 

Not every room has a focal point, though. Some spaces just don’t have anything that stands out. So if your room is looking a little bland, the problem is likely because you’re missing that essential focal point.   

Focal Points Can Be Good or Bad 

Examples of a good focal point include beautiful artwork that you love, a gorgeous stone fireplace, or beautifully patterned blinds that tie together all the design elements of the room. Examples of a bad one may include the aforementioned large television, an ugly piece of furniture, or some huge drapes that just aren’t your style. There are a few things you can do if you have a bad focal point: 

  • Remove it altogether 

  • Replace it with something better 

  • Downplay it 

In any of these cases, you will have to pick a new item to draw the eye to. Using color is one great way to establish a focal point. 

How to Correctly Use Colour as a Focal Point 

Colour is an excellent way to draw the eye to the item (and, potentially, away from less desirable aspects of the space). 

Use colour against a neutral background—If your space is mostly neutral (white, grey, tan, etc.), pick a beautiful colour to use for your focal point. It will really pop against the neutrality of the rest of the space! (Ex. Lovely bright-colored blinds on the wall-to-wall windows in a white room) 

Use contrast in intensity—If your room is mostly muted, using less intense colors, then a brighter or richer color can provide a focal point. (Ex. A rich emerald green shower tile in a bathroom with soothing muted tones in the rest of the space) 

Use high light/dark contrast—If your room is mostly white or light-colored, use a dark, rich color for your focal point—and vice versa. (Ex. A dark bookcase filling one wall of a light and bright office) 

Not sure where to start to get stunning focal points of your rooms? Our blinds can become the focal point of your home or commercial space! Printed Blinds Australia offers a wide variety of colors, patterns, and custom designs to choose from, so you can pick whatever design complements your space best. 

Contact us today to learn more about how we can make your space look incredible. 

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