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Oversized Floral on Point

Updated: Jun 14

Oversized Floral on Point 

Floral Patterns are Stylish Again 

While floral patterns used to be associated with elderly, that is no longer the case. Now, florals are fresh and young again! Oversized floral patterns have been present in fashion and home décor for a few years now, and they’re not going away anytime soon. If you love the botanical, organic, and the artistic look, you’re in luck. Now, you can get oversized florals on blinds! 

What Makes 2024’s Florals Different  

Oversized— Most modern-day floral patterns are large and vivid, rather than the small-scale floral patterns of yesteryear. You can see how the show-stopping floral blinds we created are far larger than life, taking up an enormous amount of space. 

Single rather than repetitive pattern— Modern day floral items might have one large flower or botanical scene filling the space, rather than the same image repeated countless times. 

Modern and sleek, not busy—Today’s florals don’t look fussy and busy like many old-fashioned florals. They manage to look organic while still being sleek, and they fit in with modern décor rather than the frills of your nanna’s décor style. 

Contrasting backgrounds—Most modern-day floral patterns are high-contrast. They are either light and bright botanicals against a dark (think charcoal grey or black) background, or they feature bold and rich-coloured flowers on a white or light background. 

Our Latest Floral Blinds Project 

We recently completed this incredible property in the beautiful Whitsunday islands. We created a different large-scale floral for each room, and the impact was stunning! In this home, the blinds function as artwork; almost like a painted mural. The light and bright rooms provide an excellent background for the bold, colourful, artistic blinds. When the blinds are down, they’re truly the focal point of the room. When the blinds are pulled up, they allow the homeowners to see every inch of the home owners view. We love the pinks and reds and the watercolor effect of these stunning blinds. 

One Image + Multiple Blinds = Stunning Large-Scale Art! 

The gorgeous home pictured above shows how we can print a single image on multiple blinds. This is great in rooms where you have large, multi-pane windows or windows that are close to one another. Rather than creating a choppy look with multiple images or repetitions of the same image, you can choose just one image, and we’ll link the blinds together so that they look nearly seamless when installed. 

Order Your Own Custom Floral Blinds! 

If you’re a fan of the oversize botanicals look, your home’s windows might just need a unique floral treatment. We’re a huge fan of decorating our windows with big and bold patterns. Contact Printed Blinds Australia today to learn more or to order! 

Are you afraid you might change your mind about florals in the future? Many homeowners choose to go bold with custom blinds because it’s a temporary feature of the house. If you ever get tired of the look, it’s as simple as replacing the blinds. If your home ever goes on the market and someone is considering purchasing it for a bachelor pad, he’ll find it far easier to switch out the blinds than if the flowers were painted on the wall. 

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