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Sydney Opera House - case study

Updated: Jun 14

Sydney Opera House 

At Printed Blinds Australia, we’ve had some proud moments in our history. We’ve been featured in prominent publications like Vogue Australia and Better Homes and Gardens. We’ve seen our blinds used on the popular home renovation television show The Block. We’ve served hundreds of Australian businesses and homeowners and turned their spaces into something special. 

However, fewer achievements have been as rewarding as working with the Sydney Opera House! This famous, distinctive building is an architectural and design icon throughout the world. It represents Australia in so many ways. It’s an incredible honor to contribute to its design!


Custom Artwork Blinds at the Sydney Opera House 

The Sydney Opera House had a minor problem with the drama wing of the building. They had large storage cabinets that were in prominent view, giving the area a very bland look.

They contacted us looking for a solution to hide the cabinets using a John Coburn artwork on motorised roller blinds. This famous Australian artist and tapestry designer has original works in the Opera House as well as the John F Kennedy Centre of Performing Arts Centre and the Vatican in Rome. 

Originally a tapestry we were commissioned to reproduce the piece "Curtain of the Moon". The blinds expanded over 8 meters in width and 3 meters in height. The result was outstanding! Our client was extremely happy with the result and very impressed by the vibrancy of the print. 

Printed Motorised Blinds—Versatile and Beautiful! 

The Sydney Opera House wasn’t just looking for a permanent fixture to cover the storage cabinets—they needed something that was moveable for easy access to the storage. We motorised the blinds so they can be drawn aside at the push of a button. This project shows that printed, motorised blinds can be used for a variety of applications, not just windows! 

Get Your Own Beautiful Blinds 

Contact PBA today if you’re looking for your own printed blinds for your home or office. As the leading printed blinds company in Australia, we’ve been serving customers like you for years, and we’ll help you achieve the blinds of your dreams! Blinds can be used for so much more than just windows, and they don’t have to be boring! We’ll provide you with high quality, unique, custom blinds that are 100% Australian made and backed by our friendly customer service.  


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